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Lowes home improvement and Visa have teamed up to provide consumers with the Lowes visa credit card account. Lowe’s credit is issued by Visa and can be used at any Lowes home improvement location or at the Lowes website. Contractors and general customers can apply for this credit line at www.lowescredit.com and will be subject to credit verification through Visa in order to receive a credit limit and terms and conditions for the account. A store credit line is one of the best ways to fund whatever home improvement supplies you need with convenient payment terms.

Visit lowescredit.com to find out the full details of this credit line offer. Your Lowes visa credit account will be subject to credit verification and a variety of terms and conditions. Essentially you’ll be given a credit line with a specific limit which you can spend at any Lowes home improvement store or online. You will be required to make monthly payments on the balance and will also pay interest on the account just like any other credit card. To find out exactly what the interest and terms and conditions are you must visit www.lowescredit.com or www.lowesvisacredit.com.

With a Lowes Visa credit account you won’t ever have to worry about not having enough cash to fund your home improvement project and sudden appliance failure won’t leave you floundering to wonder how you’ll afford a replacement. Because Lowes home improvement stores carry everything you need from tools to appliances, lumber and fixtures, even flooring and counters you’ll find whatever supplies you need for your home improvement project and with your Lowes credit you’ll be able to get what you need when you need it and pay for it over time.

If you’ve been putting off your home renovation because of money issues visit www.lowescredit.com to see if you qualify. Then you’ll be able to tackle your projects without worrying about the huge expense all at one time. Small monthly payments make it easy to finance your home improvement needs without a big headache. Lowes is a store that is dedicated to making sure that its customers are satisfied and find everything they could possibly want for their homes.

Don’t wait, visit www.lowescredit.com today to get your Lowes home improvement store Visa credit account. Then you can get to work on that addition, rewiring or plumbing overhaul that you need!

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